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Basically a mini chainsaw allowing precision sawing of wood. Click image to enlarge.

WORX WG169E 20V Cordless LithiumIon Grass Trimmer with

Drills, Hammer Drills & Impact Drivers;

Bosch easy cut. Routers & Router Tables; The handy device is the world's first general-purpose saw with nano blade, a saw blade with a surrounding micro-chain. Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) prevents the lithium-ion battery from overloading, overheating, and deep discharges for a long lifetime..

To activate your central Bosch account please click the activation link in the email. Bosch easyhedgecut 12-35 Pdf User Manuals. No oiling, sharpening or re-tensioning of the chain is required.

The handy tool is the first all-purpose saw in the world to feature the “NanoBlade” – a saw blade with a revolving micro-chain. Small enough to be operated with one hand, this cutting tool is delicate enough for precision cutting jobs, but powerful enough to get through them quickly and conveniently. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

At the heart of this concept is a sawbar with a revolving micro-chain, which should eventually make sawing easy enough for anyone to master. Well, Bosch has a solution to speed up your work without the mess with their new EasyCut 12 NanoBlade mini chainsaw. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Bosch DIY Nanoblade Nanoblade Multipurpose Easy Cut 12 Battery and Case Wood Speed 65 – Protective Cap – Charger, 12 V 2.5 Ah, Maximum Cutting Depth:

Its roller support makes it easy to slide materials towards and away from the tool when sawing lengthwise while its ball support makes it simple to turn workpieces to the ideal angle for cutting. Having recently tested a powerful hedge trimmer I took one of the thickest items it had cut at 2.5cm across and cut into it with ease with the Bosch saw looking at the two ends bore no resemblance, the Bosch saw cut was smooth the hedge trimmer end was a work of three slashes to get through.. 1 battery pack PBA 12V 2.5Ah O-B Charger GAL 1210 CV Plastic case EasyCut 12 Without battery pack and charger.

With its NanoBlade technology, Bosch aims to revolutionize the DIY market. View online or download Bosch easyhedgecut 12-35 Instruction Manual This consists of four millimetre small chain links – similar to a chain saw, but much smaller.

The easy cut 12 from Bosch is fast and convenient for precise cutting. Achieving a precise cut quickly and conveniently – this is what the EasyCut 12 from Bosch offers. The Bosch EasyCut mini chainsaw power tool is super easy and safe to use, and offers super quick blade changes by simply opening the hatch, changing the saw blade, and then closing the hatch.

The Bosch EasyCut 12 has a body and a handle similar to power drills, so you can control it with one hand, but pairs that with a business end that consists of a small saw blade with a revolving micro-chain. Dust Extraction and Collection; Certainly in the home you do not want anything but a smooth finish.

The Bosch Easycut 12 Nanoblade Mini Chainsaw is meant for household detail work, runs off batteries. The handy device is the world's first general-purpose saw with nano blade, a saw blade with a surrounding micro-chain. You will be redirected to the central Bosch login page.

The PTA 1000 workbench provides flexibility on the job, especially for projects with large workpieces. Hammers (Rotary & Demolition) Jig Saws; You know, like a chainsaw, but in a way smaller scale (as in, each chain link measures just 4mm long).

The easy cut 12 from Bosch is fast and convenient for precise cutting. If Leatherface was the same size as Chucky, this would be his chainsaw of choice. The Bosch is a very easy device to use with a safety interlock button accessed both sides of the pistol grip and actuated by the thumb side of either hand thus allowing it to be used in either hand.

Bosch Easycut 12 Nano saw. The only thing to note with regard to the life of the chain is that it will cut though 100 metres of wood before it will need to be changed. However with the EasyCut 12 Bosch claim to have engineered the product so well that there is absolutely no need to lubricate the chain, or indeed to maintain the tool in any other way.

The mini chainsaw power tool is powered by an internal lithium-ion battery that's easily and quickly recharged. Register your central account and get access to a connected Bosch world. Bosch EasyCut 50 NanoBlade ubodna testera (06033C8020) Zasecanje uranjanjem u materijal bez potrebe prethodnog bušenja.

Effortless, freehand cuts – at home or in the garden. The nano blade is also durable and maintenance-free: Measuring and Layout Tools;

NanoBlade tehnologija omogućava lako i precizno sečenje pod 100% pravim uglom

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