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Action Aid for Animals

Where does AAFA get its funding from?

Action Aid for Animals recieves no state or lottery funding, nor do we have company sponsorship.  We rely 100% on donations from the public and gift aid we claim from monetary donations.


How much of my donation will go on the animals themselves?

There are no admin costs or CEO wage to pay for, no huge TV or Radio advertising campaigns, no cold calling centres or staff wages to pay for.  So the answer is 100% of your donation will be used in various ways to help the animals.


What options are there for me to choose from?

Below you can choose a one off or regular donation or use our bank details below to set up a regular standing order. You also can choose to donate online via your own banking service, paypal or through Golden Giving.  Whichever way you choose to donate the animals we help will be extremely grateful for anything you can spare.


What if I am on low income or cannot spare anything financially to help the charity?

To us, though monetary support is certainly needed, you can donate in so many other ways. You can donate your time to help promote us on your own social networking site, printing off leaflets to hang in your staff room, collect and donate aid that is urgently needed. Check out our Volunteer page for an idea of how you can help if you are unable financially to donate.



Direct Debit/Standing Orders and Donate via Credit Card using the secure site of Golden Giving

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Other ways to donate but making your money go further whilst benefiting AAFA Animals in need

One of the easiest ways UK tax payers can donate less but AAFA recieves more

You  choose how much to give each month, The donation then comes off your gross pay, before the tax man touches it.


Click the link button below to fill in the form and find out more about this excellent way to donate.  If you are an employer, ask your employees if they would like to donate in this way, or mention this to your colleagues at work

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Raise funds for AAFA whilst you shop online. Costs you no more than you were going to pay but the retailer allocates a percentage of your purchase price to our charity. Every penny counts so start shopping online today through EasyFundraising and help save animals lives whilst you are doing it.

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